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Last week, a two-day visit of the Russian government delegation headed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin to Tajikistan took place. Heads of ministries, departments and regions of the country, as well as representatives of more than 200 Russian companies arrived in Dushanbe as part of the delegation.


The visit was organized with the aim of building effective cooperation between Russia and Tajikistan, regardless of external factors. The Russian Federation notes the great potential for increasing cooperation in such areas as energy, mechanical engineering, industry, transport infrastructure, agriculture, construction and the digital economy.

Russian-Tajik negotiations were officially held, following which nine intergovernmental agreements were signed, and a joint business forum was held. Also, representatives of the management of 260 Russian companies, one way or another interested in working in the country, worked in Dushanbe, the total number of Russian representatives in this visit exceeded 1 thousand, which is significantly more than standard figures.


Representatives of the company Enerpred became part of this major event within the framework of the Ninth conference "Business and Investment Partnership of Russia and Tajikistan" in order to organize closer cooperation with enterprises of the Republic of Tajikistan.



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